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At Delsa Travel company, in order to help our customers even further, in addition to our travel and tourism services with the latest technology are aiming to provide medical care which is not available in some other countries to help you get the best treatment.

We have connections in many of the big cities of Turkey and the famous and most technological hospitals in them and being in partnership with them means you can get your healthcare even easier than before.

The process starts by the patient arriving at the airport and being greeted by an employee of ours who will also talk in the patient's mother tongue and either start the treatment right away or transfer them to a hotel until the right treatment options are selected and the treatment starts.

With this system, the patient or their family will not feel like a stranger and will be given the maximum healthcare options possible.
If desired and the health of the patient allows, they can also enjoy tours provided by our agency to get treatment and carry good memories from Turkey to home as well.
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